Psycho teenager plotted to kill stranger and cut out his heart

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Psycho teenager plotted to kill stranger and cut out his heart

A Woodbury teenager who received a heart transplant at age 14 was going to do an unwanted heart surgery of his own on a total stranger. Andrew Busskohl, 19, agreed to a plea deal last week in the case. He told a friend he planned to kill an "easy target" neighbor and cut out his heart and eyelids. He even went so far as to break the man's window and police found a knife, scalpel, gloves, and a map to Fratto's home.

Oops: Surgeon removes wrong body part

A Shakopee hospital surgeon who attempted to remove a patient's appendix somehow missed and removed something else. Seriously? The patient then needed a second more serious surgery so the surgeon could get the right organ. Why did this surgeon get a second chance?

Hang with the cops at Lake Phalen

St. Paul police officers will spend their Wednesday night strolling around Lake Phalen with residents looking to scare off future assaults at the lake. There have been four assaults recently and the weekly walks will at least prevent assaults as the group of residents keep their eyes out for weirdos.

Man robs bank, uses stolen cash to pay bus fare

This guy probably thought he had the getaway plan that could fool anyone. Unfortunately most people don't use $20 bills to pay for bus fare. A Minneapolis man admitted in federal court that he robbed the Uptown TCF Bank and then used some of that cash to pay for his bus fare. A witness saw him running from the bank and later saw him on the bus. He was busted during his ride with $3,740 in cash, $20 less than the bank reported stolen.

Men charged with hosting cockfighting party, hilarious excuse for chickens in care

Three men have been charged in Anoka County for participating in a cockfighting party in one of their garages. Police showed up after a neighbor reported a lot of men arriving with suitcases and prior sightings of injured chickens wandering into his yard. Police spotted a cock fight in the garage when they arrived. But this is the kicker: Police saw suitcases with chickens in one of the cars. The man's excuse: the car was unlocked and anyone could have tossed a suitcase with chickens in there. Right.