Protesting students say they're "tired of being treated like an ATM" by Governor Pawlenty

From a press release by the college democrats at the University of Minnesota:

Enough is Enough, UDFL Protests Governor's Tuition Hikes Governor Tim Pawlenty has been treating students like an ATM

Saturday morning the UDFL (College Democrats) will be marching in the Homecoming Parade to celebrate the weekend festivities. But the loyal UDFL contingent will not be without a clear message.

Since Governor Tim Pawlenty took office, tuition for Minnesota students has skyrocketed over 50 percent. The UDFL is tired of being treated like an ATM by the Governor.

"Governor Tim Pawlenty's reckless fiscal mismanagement has forced him to take drastic illogical measures to create a 'balanced' budget,'" UDFL President Max Page said. "It's just plain wrong to ask students to foot the bill because Governor Pawlenty has the accounting skills of an Enron executive. When he has a budget shortfall, Governor Pawlenty uses students as his safety net to cover his losses."

UDFL members will be wearing their club t-shirts, with signs on their backs, delivering a message to Governor Pawlenty.

The signs on the backs of students will read as follows: GOV. PAWLENTY'S "BALANCED" BUDGET


The UDFL will likely be joined by US Senate candidate Patty Wetterling, and Secretary of State candidate Mark Ritchie. The UDFL does not endorse candidates, but does encourage them to show up and support college democrats.

Noah Seligman Secretary UDFL (College Democrats) University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

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