Protesters blast Wells Fargo bonuses, political donations [VIDEO]

Protesters decried big bonuses paid to Wells Fargo executives
Protesters decried big bonuses paid to Wells Fargo executives

About 40 protesters marched from Occupy MN's "People's Plaza" to the Wells Fargo center this morning to blast the bank.

The protesters were accompanied by Michele Bachmann, John Kline and Erik Paulsen imitators, who stood behind the protesters shaking their heads in vehement disagreement with what the protesters were saying.

The demonstration focused on the total bonuses paid to top Wells Fargo executives since 2008, the year of the bailouts, which amounts to $141,083,671 -- money the demonstrators suggested would've been better spent on schools, parks, Social Security and jobs.

Elise Kulzer, a young woman from Ham Lake, Minnesota, criticized big money's influence in politics.

Minnesota's congressional delegation: "Puppets for the 1%"?
Minnesota's congressional delegation: "Puppets for the 1%"?

"The notion that we're living in a democracy is a joke," Kulzer said.

Data released by Take Action Minnesota, which helped organize the protest, shows Wells Fargo's political action committee gave $34,800 to Republican members and $30,539 to Democrats in 2008 and 2010.

LaDonna Meinecke, who dressed up as Bachmann, said she wanted to parody the congressional delegation because "they're puppets for the 1%, the banks, the wealthy corporations that have contributed to the crash of our economy."

Other speakers criticized the excesses of Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf's hourly pay.

"We could feed a thousand people for a month, house eight families, and fund a safe-zone after school program," said Vaughn Lodge of the American Indian movement.

An Occupy protester called Divine was the last to address the demonstrators.

"It's not your fault if you're struggling. It's these people's fault right here!" he said, indicating the Wells Fargo Center.

Shouts of "Shame! Shame!" filled the air.

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