Protester carries guns outside Obama rally, now annoyed he's "that guy"


When protester Josh Hendrickson left his home Saturday to head to President Obama's rally at the Target Center, he contemplated bringing his loaded guns along with him. The decision wasn't a tough one.

On a typical day when he leaves his house, "I grab my wallet, my keys and my gun," he told the Star Tribune.

Standing outside the arena where the nation's president was set to speak while protesters and counter protesters bickered over enormous signs, he shouldn't have been shocked when police and secret service spotted his two guns and asked him a couple questions.

Hendrickson didn't actually cause any trouble and he wasn't arrested. But his decision to carry guns probably wasn't the smartest.

More from the Star Tribune:

"The Second Amendment isn't suspended just because the president's in town," said Hendrickson, 32, who said he showed police at Obama's health care rally his license to carry and conceal a weapon under state law.

Minneapolis police confirmed that they questioned a man Saturday in front of Target Center. They did not identify Hendrickson, but Hendrickson said he was questioned by Minneapolis police and a Secret Service agent after he said they spotted the outline of his weapon.

Hendrickson said he carried a .40 caliber Glock 22 handgun concealed in a holster on his hip, and a smaller Kel Tec 380 in a pocket.

What he did wasn't illegal, police said, but it would probably have been smart to leave the guns at home if he didn't want to be questioned. Yes, he still has his Second Amendment rights, but don't be stupid dude.

Even the Republican Minnesota House sponsor of the conceal and carry law, Rep. Larry Howes, said he didn't make the best choice. He said he could have carried an empty holster to get the same point across. "You shouldn't do that -- but, yet, you can. But it's just, I think, silly."