Proposed ban on smoking in cars with kids: racist?

Earlier this week, a bill that would outlaw smoking in cars with passengers under the age of 18 cleared a hurdle after Minnesota Senate panel gave it the green light.

We've ariculated our skepticism about the measure before, but there was one potential consequence we neglected to touch on.

From MPR:

Even supporters of the bill are raising questions about it potential consequences. Sen. Patricia Torres Ray, DFL- Minneapolis, said she understands the intent of the ban, but she thinks it could lead to racial profiling.

"And for me this is a concern and issue because African American people and Latino people I believe will be stopped more often than other people, and they will be issued a citation," she said. "And I believe that many Latino people will be asked about their immigration status just because they were smoking."

A fair point, but considering how stupid and unnecessary the proposed ordinance is in the first place, the question of whether it's racist seems to miss the point. No?

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