Principal could be fired after making student clean toilet

Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Principal in deep shit for making student clean toilet

The Eagan principal that allegedly made a kindergartner clean out a toilet at school with his hands could be fired for the incident. The principal insists it wasn't a big deal because the toilet contained only water and paper towels and he simply made the boy take the paper towels out. As if all those lovely germs from previous students just all flush away. Middle school students stage fight, post video on YouTube

Bathroom fights are much cooler when they are staged and posted on YouTube. Until you get suspended for it and potentially change the school district's policies on electronics and fighting. Minneapolis School District officials will review disciplinary policies concerning "cell phone use and other technology after a group of middle-school students posted on YouTube a video of a fight they staged in a lavatory."

New Strib columnists are on the job

The Star Tribune's new columnists, Jon Tevlin and Gail Rosenblum officially debuted this week. Today's paper featured Rosenblum's first column. What do you think?

Zygi Wilf was interested in Favre 15 years ago, not now

Vikings owner Zygi Wilf told the Star Tribune he has no interest in Brett Favre if he is released by the Jets. Thank God. "I would have been interested 15 years ago," Wilf said. "No, I'm not interested. No way."

All Twin Cities TV stations, except CW, keep analog signal on for now

While most TV stations are waiting until June to change over to all digital signals, CW Twin Cities switched today. In other words, get a converter box or cable if you want to watch Gossip Girl (we know you do).