Princeton High School girls soccer team arrives in locker room, finds gear soaked in urine

Someone filled the Princeton girls soccer team's balls with urine.
Someone filled the Princeton girls soccer team's balls with urine.

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The Princeton High School girls soccer team had a very rude awakening when they arrived at their locker room for a Saturday morning match last weekend.

They discovered that their gear had been soaked in urine. And whoever perpetrated the beyond-nasty prank must've drank a ton of fluid before letting it flow -- the team's soccer balls were filled with pee.

The locker room had been used the night before by the Mound Westonka football team, then locked after the game. Nobody is accusing Mound Westonka's football players of being disgusting idiots... but if not them, then who?

Princeton student and soccer player Taylor Sleen told WCCO that "people's shoes were all yellow and stuff -- it's gross."

Yellow shoes and pee-filled soccer balls? Maybe a pack of race horses is responsible?

Princeton Superintendent Richard Lahn isn't blaming Mound Westonka, but said the incident, which wasn't reported to police, is being investigated by both schools.

Kevin Bord, Mound Westonka Superintendent, told WCCO that district administration has "the expectation that our athletes exhibit good sportsmanship... We continue to investigate any involvement of our athletes."

Good sportsmanship? How about just starting with the basics of human decency and making sure your student athletes are properly potty trained?

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