Pretend suspense builds for Minnesota Wild mascot unveiling

The eight-year-old Minnesota Wild franchise finally got around to picking a mascot and will unveil it this weekend.

We're not sure if it was pure laziness or just a really confused staff that couldn't interpret what the heck the "Wild" really is.

So what exactly represents "Wild"?

The Wild is keeping us on our toes until 4 p.m. Sunday when the public is invited to the arena ice to check it out.

John Maher, team vice president for brand marketing, gave the Star Tribune the best news tip of the day: the mascot is from the animal kingdom. Way to narrow down the possibilities!

We don't know about you, but we literally can't sit still at work we are so excited. What on earth could they pick? Their logo kind of resembles a bear-type figure, but since the team is so wild, maybe they just did that to throw us off. Our vote: A komodo dragon. They eat humans, dig up human remains and females can reproduce on their own. Think about intimidating teams with that.

Pretend suspense builds for Minnesota Wild mascot unveiling

Look how the komodo strikes fear into children. That's how you win a hockey game.

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