Press release of the day: The ADD Bible

class=img_thumbleft> Are you busy? Distracted? Failing miserably at the family Bible quiz? Get to know God in your spare time, courtesy of a former Marine Corps trial lawyer and "religious scholar" named William Proctor, who has just published The Light Speed Bible.

New Study Method Revolutionizes Bible Reading

Bestselling author reveals how to read entire Bible in 24 hours

VERO BEACH, Fla. -- The Bible can be found almost anywhere, from a church pew to the middle drawer of a hotel nightstand. But did you know that the Bible is the most owned, yet least read, book in the world? Many people say they will read it, but it's easy to get sidetracked in a fast-paced world where most everything is just a click away. According to both Gallup and Barna surveys, no more than one-quarter of the adults in the United States claim to have read the entire Bible. With religion quickly being nudged into the spotlight of mainstream media, Americans' knowledge of the Bible, or lack thereof, is astounding:

*Only 42 percent of American adults know who delivered the Sermon on the Mount *A mere 35 percent of American adults can name the four Gospels *Less than half of American adults can name the first book of the Bible *Only 35 percent of American adults know the country that ruled Jerusalem in the time of Jesus

Bestselling author and religious scholar William Proctor changes all of that with an easy-to-use, comprehensive Bible reading plan in his latest book, The HCSB Light Speed Bible (ISBN 1-58640-066-5, Broadman & Holman, October 2005, $19.97). The HCSB Light Speed Bible is a study program that can empower anyone with at least a seventh-grade reading ability to read every word of the entire Bible in 24 hours or less--with good comprehension.

Check it out here.

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