President Obama and the Golden Gophers


Yes, we have the coolest president in the world. A man who swaggers on ESPN and picks the winners of the NCAA tournament. But for fans of Tubby Smith's Golden Gophers, President Obama just did the unthinkable. He picked the Longhorns. Maybe he had SXSW on his mind. Or maybe he saw the up and down Gopher season. Or maybe he just likes barbecue over hotdish. All can gleam from this is that President Obama no longer supports Minnesota.


The nod to Bush's homestate team almost makes us want to cheer for Governor T-Paw in 2012. Almost. Austin has always been the tiny island of blue in the giant sea of red. But this does not matter. What matters is that President Obama snuffed the Gophers. And judging from the antics Goldie displayed during a guest appearance at a Timberwolves game, the burrowing animals will seek their revenge, coldy and boldy.

You can see his entire bracket over at ESPN.

Thankfully, being busy with the president thing has messed with his head. He picked North Carolina to win it all. It's the same team that couldn't even get through the ACC tournament, and a team with a point guard who has toe troubles.

So take his picks with a grain of salt. Then take the salt and toss it in his eyes the next time he visits. Texas over Minnesota?

C'mon, Obama.