President Bush monument erected in Dinkytown front yard


If you had to honor one former commander-in-chief on President's Day, who would you pick? Perhaps our old buddy George W. Bush. We miss him already.

Apparently there's one guy in Minnesota, Broc Blegen, who thought it was appropriate. He's got a giant inflatable G. Dub monument in his front yard. The monument will be on display near the University of Minnesota until midnight, so don't miss out on a chance to honor our country's biggest mistake. You can even throw a shoe at it.

Blegen is an art student at the University of Minnesota and decided to honor Bush as a sort of experiment into the creation and respect of monuments. He debuted the monument in Washington, D.C. on the last day of Bush's presidency, Jan. 20, as Barack Obama was sworn in.

Here is how Blegen describes it: The inflatable monument is more than 20 feet tall and depicts President Bush, complete with a flag-pin on the lapel, atop a faux-marble base. The monument has a respectful inscription that describes Bush matter-of-factly, with no punch-line, allowing viewers to project their own feelings onto the work.

How did people react to the inflated doofus? Check it out:

Blegen says he decided to create the inflatable figure as a way to start thinking about how Bush will be remembered in history and eventually honored in some sort of monument.


"I thought about Presidential monuments, and how almost every President has one, and thought that surely someone will make one for President Bush eventually. This thought was very completely strange yet interesting to me, since Bush was one of our most controversial presidents. A traditional monument would portray him in an overly positive light, glossing over his many faults or shortcomings. I thought this wouldn't be acceptable, so I wanted to make my own monument for President Bush that tried to respect him yet acknowledge his shortcomings, and allow people to reflect on his presidency."

Blegen says he wants to take the monument on a road trip this summer to some of the important places in the life of Bush. Stops could include his former homes, schools, Yale fraternity house, and New Orleans (in honor of his work during Hurricane Katrina).

To catch a glimpse of the giant punching bag, you can see it today until midnight. It's located at 946 15th Ave SE in Minneapolis just off Dinkytown's main stretch.

For more information on the monument, check out Blegen's Web site.