Powerline: Tom DeLay "too liberal"

Tom DeLay has been called a lot of things in his day, but John Hinderaker--an Apple Valley attorney, conservative pundit and contributor to the popular political blog, Powerline-- has broken new ground. In a post prompted by news of the Hammer's impending resignation from Congress, Hinderaker opines that DeLay "was an effective leader, albeit too liberal in recent years."

Too liberal? Check out this Wikipedia entry for a synoposis of DeLay's conservative cred:

On economic policy, DeLay was most recently rated a 95 out of 100 by Americans for Tax Reform, the lobbying group founded by Grover Norquist, and 95 to 100 by the United States Chamber of Commerce, a business lobby. On environmental policy, he earned ratings of 0 from the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters. He has been a fervent critic of the EPA, which he has called the "Gestapo of government". DeLay also sided with business owners over labor unions and is for gun rights in the gun politics debate. The ACLU measured that his voting history aligned with their civil liberties platform 2% of the time.

All of which begs the question: Who is conservative enough to pass muster with Hinderaker?

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