Power Line on Mark Ritchie: "He takes the late German Führer as his forensic model" [VIDEO]

Ritchie worked himself into a frenzy during a June speech. But does his performance warrant a Hitler comparison?
Ritchie worked himself into a frenzy during a June speech. But does his performance warrant a Hitler comparison?

-- MNGOP leaders approve use of thousands of taxpayer dollars to defend voter ID amendment
-- Mark Ritchie's amendment title: "Limiting the status of marriage to opposite sex couples"
-- Mark Ritchie uninvited to speak at Catholic church... or is he? [UPDATE]

In a new post, the Power Line blog -- a popular conservative website that was Time magazine's first-ever "Blog of the Year" back in 2004 -- takes a serious swing at Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.

Remarking on Ritchie's frothing-at-the-mouth anti-voter ID June speech at the DFL convention, Power Line co-founder Scott Johnson writes that "Ritchie looks like he takes the late German Führer as his forensic model, though he lacks his warmth." Lacks Hitler's warmth!

The Hitler comparison is a bit much, but Ritchie does offer up some preposterous statements during his so-angry-you-need-to-see-it-to-believe-it speech. Here's how he began:

One hundred and forty nine years ago today, Minnesotans on that desperate hillside in Gettysburg stopped that fierce attack by the Confederate forces, saved the union line, saved the battle of Gettysburg, saved the union, saved the constitution, and that is just one way that Minnesotans have defended liberty and justice for all for the entire nation, for the entire planet.

That's 149 years ago -- today we face the same opportunity to defend liberty and justice for all [by defeating voter ID].

Check out the footage for yourself:

Johnson, addressing Ritchie's efforts to derail the state's voter ID and same-sex marriage ban amendments, writes: "In Ritchie's view, the amendment process should only be used to move the state left. It's almost funny."

Meanwhile, in other Ritchie-related news, remember that on-then off-then on again speech the Secretary of State was slated to give at Minneapolis' St. Joan's Catholic church? It's been postponed.

A church spokesman told MPR: "We've just decided that given the almost unbelievable and torrential attention it's been given, we thought it's better now for our parishioners, and for also Mr. Ritchie, to just postpone the talk."

Ritchie, in a statement, said:

I want to thank St. Joan of Arc Parish for their invitation to speak about my personal faith and how it has guided my public service. I certainly respect their decision to postpone my visit with their congregation and look forward to joining them at a later date.

If and when Ritchie does get around to speaking at St. Joan's, we recommend he take some of Annie Stensrud's anti-anxiety medication before getting behind the pulpit.

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