Power Line accuses Strib of burying Dayton's issues for years


Earlier this morning we wondered when the crew at Power Line would chime in on the Star Tribune's stories about Mark Dayton's admitted alcoholism and depression; state GOP chair Tony Sutton had already called the news "not relevant," and the righties at Minnesota Democrats exposed also took a charitable line.

Former Sen. Dayton is one of 11 DFLers in the hunt for the governor's job being vacated by Republican Tim Pawlenty.

Power Line barked openly and caustically a few years ago about Dayton as "an otherwise colorless, inept, demagogic artifact of alcoholic if not psychiatric rehabilitation." This morning, Scott Johnson uses the Dayton news to take a hard whack at the Star Tribune for allegedly burying Dayton's personal problems for years. (John Hinderaker was not the author of the post, as earlier reported.)

Dayton used his Christmas cards to discuss the dissolution of his two marriages, his entry into rehabilitation for alcoholism and related therapy issues. His psychiatric challenges were no secret to the many people on Dayton's Christmas card list, including virtual strangers like me.

In its story today, the Star Tribune reports: "People who have worked closely with Dayton or within the DFL said they have long known the former senator struggled with mental health issues." Later the story adds: "Opponents -- and even some supporters -- have long whispered of his possible struggle with mental illness."

Well, thanks. Where, one might ask, was the Star Tribune during Dayton's Senate campaign? It wouldn't have taken much digging to report this story during the 2000 Senate campaign.