Pothole of the day: 4/7

Look at this fucking monster. When I drove my car toward it, I didn't anticipate a bump -- I anticipated a visit to Land of the Lost.

Watch out for Sleestaks, Rick Marshall. We're going in!

When the 46th Street ramps were closed until 2010, I was mildly nonplussed. Little did I know that driving an additional 10 blocks might send me to my subterranean demise, pothole style.

This beauty at 38th and Nicollet is a hole like the Grand Canyon is a hole. The scope, scale and majesty of the crater is so much more. It looks like Paul Bunyan formed it while skipping a rock, likely a meteor. Also, it is in Kingfield, so I'm sure it is somehow Neighborhood Association President David Brauer's fault. But sabotage will not keep me from my appointed rounds. No sir.

Pothole of the day: 4/7

Look at the expanse of it! The breadth! While I was taking this picture I saw three small children, a Roosevelt elk and an endangered Minnesota lynx disappear into its surly clutches. I probably should have helped out, but I figured I'd just call Geist instead. So I just drove on, having missed my opportunity to spelunk with the Sleestaks.

Send us your worst potholes. If I get enough, I'll Google Map 'em.

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