Potential candidate for governor has swine flu!

Former state auditor and potential 2010 GOP candidate for governor Pat Anderson has swine flu. This is getting serious. Anderson announced on Facebook that she has the H1N1 flu virus.

Minnesota Public Radio gave her a ring and she confirmed her daughter is also infected with the virus.

This just changes everything.

From her Facebook:

"Pat Anderson Gallwas and her 16 year old daughter (name redacted by me) were diagnosed with "Swine Flu" a few hours ago. Not kidding. Apparently it's going around MN like crazy. The doc said it's a "good thing" because people are recovering just fine in about a five day timeframe. If you follow the 1918 influezna, the "second wave" that came in the fall was the most deadly."

"Adult and kid symptoms are different. Adults have severe body aches, bad count, and may or may not have vomiting, etc. 'I don't, thank god.' The kids have very high fevers, severe cough, sore throat and the inside of their eyelids are all red. The doc at Woodbury HP said he personally had 10 cases yesterday and we were the 5th and 6th on Sunday morning."

"I am hoping the rest of my family catches it as they think you become immune should the virus get worse."

MPR spoke to her to confirm the illness.

I talked to Anderson this afternoon and she confirmed that she and her daughter have been diagnosed with H1N1. "It isn't any worse than the normal influenza," Anderson said.

She said the illness won't change her decision about whether to run for governor, but it might delay her announcement.

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