Posters spotted in Princeton, Minnesota condemn 'race-mixing'

The poster warned about a "dark" future in which white people's "descendants no longer look like us."

The poster warned about a "dark" future in which white people's "descendants no longer look like us." Marcelo Matarazzo,

An 8-by-11 poster allegedly spotted in Princeton, Minnesota almost looks like a missing persons notice at first glance. In the center, it displays a photo of a couple sitting in the grass – a young woman with red hair, and a young man with an afro.

But the title above lets you know in bold letters that something else is going on here.


The poster goes on to say the photo was taken in “your healthy Northern town of Princeton” and that it displayed “the future that we can all look forward to if good men and women do not take a stand against it,” as if a couple sitting together outdoors was tantamount to a global pandemic.

“A future that is dark, and where our descendants no longer look like us,” it continued. “SOME OF US STILL CARE. LOVE YOUR OWN PEOPLE.” Below, it listed an email address: [email protected]

Andre Bronson of Minneapolis says the people in that photo are him and his girlfriend, Alanna Holida. He wrote a Facebook post on Sunday explaining they’d been hanging out in Princeton the day before, and a “man in a red truck” pulled up, told them they were “a [cute] couple” and asked to take their picture.

“After we said no multiple times, he says ‘it’s his constitutional right,’ takes [the] picture anyway and drives off,” he wrote.

He went on to explain that on Sunday, a friend of Holida’s got in touch and showed him the poster, which he called “fucked up on so many levels.” He's contacted the police, but anyone inclined was welcome to shoot Divinefolk9 a message.

Bronson and Holida didn’t respond to interview requests, but Princeton Police Chief Todd Frederick says Bronson called about the posters after a friend saw them hung up downtown. But by the time the department got the call, he says, the incident was 24 hours old and the posters were gone. 

Divinefolk9 responded by email, but didn’t identify him or herself. (Without any insight into this person’s gender, we’ll refer to them as “they.”) They claimed they were a secretary for a “global organization,” and that one of their “counterparts” had taken a photo of the couple and sent it to them.

“This flier was made because we care about your heritage/culture,” the person wrote. “We love our people and we do not want to see them wiped out due to mixing.” They said that “true diversity only remains if we stay as separate cultures/races,” and that “society has tried to make white Europeans feel negative about our history and who we are.”

“This was an attempt at waking people up before their slumber kill our people for good.” 

When asked what this “global organization” was and whether it had, say, a website, they declined to answer and said, “we do not get involved with the media in that way.”

Meanwhile, of people have responded to Bronson and Holida’s posts with love, support, and mutual outrage. They called the poster “disgusting,” “upsetting,” “shitty,” and “one of the reasons that I no longer live in Princeton,” and posted pictures of their own interracial partnerships. There are nearly 6,000 comments on Bronson’s post.

But there are also comments accusing the couple of making the whole thing up, and that this was merely a false flag operation to engender sympathy. These were peppered among racist memes and comments agreeing with the premise of the poster.

Frederick says the police haven’t contacted Divinefolk9, but the department is working with the city and county attorneys on the legality of the situation.