Possum-killer Brett Favre profiled by Men's Journal

Favre's a happy guy on his Hattiesburg spread. So why go back to the tundra?
Favre's a happy guy on his Hattiesburg spread. So why go back to the tundra?

There's a moment in this months' profile of Brett Favre in Men's Journal that any Minnesotan can identify with, when he steps alone into a stinking cold winter night to drag the trash bin down an icy driveway to the street while nearly falling flat on his ass.

Contrast that with most of the rest of the story, which grows out of writer Stephen Rodrick getting to spend some quality time with Favre on the QB's 450+-acre spread of tranquility and down-home family-tude on the bayou in Mississippi, surrounded by family, friends, a belligerent stand of bamboo and a personal manager from right out of central casting named Bus Cook.

Favre's life is clearly unlike anything most Minnesotans know, although no doubt one that some of us might fantasize about. And the story makes clear he hates leaving it behind.

Rodrick spent time with the man the magazine dubs Hamlet of Hattiesburg in April, just at the moment Favre let the world know he was going under the knife to mend an ankle crushed in last year's NFC Championship loss to the Saints.

When Bus finds out Favre has gone public, he's none too happy, and Rodrick catches the good ol' boy as he let's go a rant about what that will likely -- and, as time has proven, correctly -- mean in the media and the Vikings locker room.

"Brett talked to goddamned Ed Werder at ESPN, says he needs ankle surgery. Now why did he do that?I've got Childress calling. I've got reporters calling all damn morning. Goddammit, why does he have to be such a goddamned drama queen. Play, don't play, goddamn, people are getting sick of it. I'm getting sick of it. Why does he have to talk to these people. What good does it do? Ed Werder at ESPN! What's he ever done for anybody other than say, 'Look, look, Mommy. I go this first, ain't I special?' You got problems with surgery, talk to your wife. Why talk to goddamned Ed Werder?"

At which point Favre, fresh from nailing a pair of possums for "acting weird," walks in.

"Hey Bus," he says. "I guess I screwed up."

Bus just grins and leaves. Favre tells Rodrick:

"Ive learned a lot through the years. What I haven't leaned is what I'll do, and when I'll do it."

Well, that's for sure. We still don't know whether he's going to suit up for his 20th NFL season. Maybe he'd be happier shooting possums. By the end of the article is sure seems that way. Almost.

(Check out our own cover story on Favre as "Artist of the year" by clicking here.)

Possum-killer Brett Favre profiled by Men's Journal
Possum-killer Brett Favre profiled by Men's Journal

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