Ports, UAE and the local connection


Guess which former Minnesota congressman is de-scandalizing the scandal?

Talking Points Memo has a scoop about the Gopher state's connection to the United Arab Emirates/Dubai Ports World issue. Which state politico would have the kind of reach into the higher echelons of Washington right-wing think tanks and policy firms required for such prestige?

That's right, it's Vin Weber! Weber, a six-time congressman from Minnesota who's been a busy little beaver since he left office, is working for Clark and Weinstock--a DC-based "consulting firm" that apparently has mastered the art of spin. Weber's firm will essentially deal with damage control.

Salient passage from an agreement unearthed by Josh Marshall from Clark and Weinstock, billing itself as specializing in "reputation and crisis management," and UAE: "Enhance the reputation and understanding of UAEs as a strategic U.S. ally through the major media and other opinion-makers based mainly in New York and Washington."

(What? No Blotter?)

Say what you will about Weber's crass opportunism, he appears to be doing his job very well. To wit, check out the front page story in the New York Times about from yesterday praising the security of ports in Dubai.

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