Portland Bike Goddess comes to Minneapolis

Portland Bike Goddess comes to Minneapolis

Mia Birk is in Minneapolis today. That bodes well for cyclists. The woman is a goddess in the Portland bike scene. It's for her skill in urban planning, notably her influence in turning bicycles into feasible modes of transportation. She'll talk tonight about bike boulevards, an inexpensive system that allows bicycles to move through the city with little to no impact on automobiles or government budgets. (Think Bryant Avenue in Uptown)

As Dylan Thomas from

the Southwest Journal reports:
Mia Birk, former Portland bicycle program manager, will give a presentation on bicycle infrastructure and answer questions 7 p.m.-9 p.m. Wednesday at The Hotel Minneapolis, 215 S. Fourth St.

Birk's talk will focus on bicycle boulevards, city streets that make room for walkers and bicyclists. She also will talk about her experiences as a city planner and resident of Portland.

Bike boulevards are hard to describe. So let our humble fingers turn it over to Mia:

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