Poor Poo: Minneapolis woman accused of cutting off dog's tail


Poo, a one-year-old Shih Tzu-poodle mix has had a rough couple days after being attacked by her owner's mother for being a yappy dog.

Brenda Jordan, 57, was arrested and cited after she attacked her daughter's dog with a knife, cutting off a chunk of the dog's tail and leaving a bloody disaster all over the house Thursday. Poo was also cut in other places.

Poo will be just fine, but did receive emergency medical care after the incident. The piece of the tail was stitched back on and the owner could come take her home.

More from the Star Tribune:

A portion of the dog's tail and blood were found on a first-floor stair landing, police said. Large amounts of blood were also discovered by an officer on the front porch and on a mattress in the living room, police said.

Brenda Jordan told police that she cut the dog because it had bitten her, Garcia said, but the officer noticed no bite marks on her. Alexis Jordan told police that Poo was only barking at her mother before the attack.

The daughter took the knife from her mother, shoved her out the door and called police. Officers arrested Brenda Jordan on the porch and took her away in handcuffs.

Watch the KSTP video report here: