Poop-contaminated pool in Duluth causes Crypto outbreak

Someone has been using Edgewater's pools as their own personal bathroom.
Someone has been using Edgewater's pools as their own personal bathroom.

Stop pooping in pools, people.

The Minnesota Department of Health said yesterday that nine people are suspected to have Cryptosporidium (or Crypto) after swimming at Duluth's Edgewater Resort and Water Park.

Crypto causes flu-like symptoms and diarrhea. It is caused by a parasite commonly spread through fecal matter, otherwise known as "poop."

The department of health is also investigating a pool facility in Brainerd for the same parasite, but did not disclose which one. In other words, we could be facing a full-fledged pooping-in-the-pool epidemic.

Edgewater voluntarily shut down its pools and gave them a super-chlorination treatment to eliminate any traces of fecal matter, as the Northland's NewsCenter reports:

Could this little guy be the culprit?
Could this little guy be the culprit?
The Edgewater responded to concerns by closing pools and super chlorinating them to kill any parasite, ahead of getting water testing results back.

"Our pools are the cleanest, you know, that they've been because of the super chlorination, and we do take it very seriously and are very controlled about how often we test the water and what to do with issues," said Leanne Joynes of ZMC Hotels.

"The people should not be changing diapers at poolside. They should take a shower before and after swimming and that when they're swimming, they should take frequent bathroom breaks," said Trisha Robinson of the Minnesota Department of Health.

Robinson told the Duluth News Tribune she typically investigates between one and three outbreaks each year, most of them associated with swimming in recreational pools. Because Crypto's symptoms are typically subtle, the vast majority of cases go unreported.

But subtle symptoms or no, those of us who plan to swim in recreational waters sometime in the foreseeable future again implore you -- please, please don't poop in the pool, and don't let your children poop in the pool either.

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