Ponch and Jon versus the Geek Squad

class=img_thumbleft>The black and white "geekmobiles" driven by

Geek Squad

techs have been a familiar site on Twin Cities streets since 1997. In California, however, the highway patrol believes the black and white paint jobs on the bugs too closely resemble those on

California Highway Patrol squad cars

. (The black and white VW Beetle became the Geek Squad's official vehicle in 2000.) Geek Squad tech Mark Reardon was recently pulled over near Walnut Creek and


. The officer cited a state law that prohibits the painting of a privately owned or commercial vehicle to resemble a police car. "Obviously it would be a pretty far shot to mistake a Volkswagen Beetle for a cruiser, but it comes down to protecting our unique color scheme," said Officer Steve Creel, a spokesman for the CHP's Dublin office. All 150 Geek Squad Beetles in California are currently being painted to the CHP's satisfaction. Kevin Cockett, a spokesman for

Best Buy

, the local electronics giant that purchased the Geek Squad in 2002, stated he was unaware of similar run-ins with the law in other states.

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