Poll: You diggin' these new Gophers football helmets?

Hello, Goldy

Hello, Goldy Twitter

The mighty gopher is nature's most feared creature ... at least for gardeners. The Minnesota Golden Gophers football team hopes to seize on that animalistic intimidation with its latest alternative uniforms, which were partially revealed Tuesday. 

Featuring an all-gold color scheme and Goldy's goofy-ass face splayed across the helmet, the new look will debut Saturday. That's when the 2-0 Gophs and freshly anointed starting quarterback Conor Rhoda face Middle Tennessee State at TCF Bank Stadium.

Call the forthcoming ensemble #FullBanana, if you must: 

So far, we just have visual confirmation on the helmets. Gone is the University of Minnesota "M"; arriving is grinnin' Goldy. We need your take:

You diggin' these new Gophers football helmets?
Hell yeah. Gimme Goldy all season long, baby!
Eh. They're OK.
You kidding me? That Goph is a GOOF.
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First-year head coach P.J. Fleck has toyed with his team's unis throughout the year, opting for all-maroon in Week 1 and all-white in Week 2. Fleck -- who operates like a NoDoz-popping youth minister/car salesman -- unveiled the fresh helmet design to his team yesterday. Turns out it was Goldy's birthday.