Poll: Tinklenberg 47, Bachmann 44


We're not sure if it's Elwyn Tinklenberg's pot of gold or Rep. Michele Bachmann's ridiculous statements, but Tinklenberg has made the comeback of a lifetime in the last week. What an epic story this has been. Technically the race is still a dead heat, so don't get too excited (or disappointed).

According to the SurveyUSA poll released Thursday night on KSTP, Tinklenberg has a slight lead over Bachmann for the first time in this race.

The poll was conducted Oct. 20-21, three days after Bachmann's MSNBC statements rattled people across the country. Within 96 hours, Tinklenberg had raised more than $1 million from contributors across the country.

This lead is still within the poll's 4 percent margin of error.

It's too bad voters didn't get to see this video before they were polled:

I bet a 58-year-old white-haired man never thought he would have a rap created for him. What's the word? Tinklenberg.