Poll: Obama crushes all GOP candidates in Minnesota [GRAPHIC]

All signs point toward a blue November in Minnesota, at least as far as the presidential race is concerned.

A new Public Policy Polling poll indicates that Barack Obama is on track to cruise to a comfortable win here no matter which Republican contender ultimately emerges as the GOP candidate.

In a summary of the poll, PPP's Dustin Ingalls writes: "It's beyond me why anyone lists Minnesota in even the lean D column." In other words, barring some sort of unforeseen economic meltdown, catastrophe, and/or scandal, Obama can count on Minnesota's support this year.

Here's a handy-dandy graphic breaking down Obama's big lead against any and all Republicans:

Poll: Obama crushes all GOP candidates in Minnesota [GRAPHIC]
Public Policy Polling

The Obama/(insert GOP candidate here) split is reminiscent of the 54 to 44 percent split by which he defeated John McCain in 2008. Indeed, PPP notes that the president "looks like he is set to win the state by a similar margin as in 2008."

The news isn't totally rainbows and unicorns for Obama. PPP notes that his 49 percent approval rating in Minnesota is down a tick from last May, when on the heels of the Bin Laden killing it stood at 51 percent. But even that decline is within the poll's 2.8 percent margin of error.

Interestingly, the poll indicates that Obama would trounce Newt Gingrich by a wider margin than any other Republican candidate, despite the fact that Gingrich is currently on track to win the February 7 Minnesota GOP caucus. PPP notes that the wide split between Obama and Gingrich isn't unique to Minnesota. As the summary notes:

Wipe that smile off your face, Newt. Polls indicate you've got no shot, here or elsewhere.
Wipe that smile off your face, Newt. Polls indicate you've got no shot, here or elsewhere.
We're generally finding lately that Gingrich would be the worst of the four remaining contenders against Obama. Last week, we found he was the only candidate actually trailing Obama in Texas (by two points), while the others were still up by a still weak six to seven points

Put simply, PPP President Dean Debnam said the Minnesota poll "is another reminder of what a disastrous nominee Gingrich would be."

Is it too late for Mitch Daniels to change his mind and enter the GOP race? Because an unexpected  and far-fetched development of that sort looks to be the only thing that could derail Obama in Minnesota this year.

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