Poll nausea: Obama and Franken still ahead in Minn.

Poll nausea: Obama and Franken still ahead in Minn.

We feel like we are spewing new polls at you every day, but it's all from the goodness of our hearts. We have a love/hate relationship with polls, depending on who they put in the lead.

Here's the latest from Rasmussen Reports: Sen. Barack Obama 52% Sen. John McCain 45%.

Want to know why? This is our own scientific study, but we believe the video after the jump might scare off likely McCain lovers.

Rasmussen also released Sen. Norm Coleman and Al Franken poll results: Franken 43% Coleman 37% Dean Barkley 17% This is the largest advantage Franken has enjoyed all year.

A month ago, Coleman was up by a point.

Details on Barkley's support:

However, a key factor in the race is that only 3% are absolutely certain they will vote for Barkley. If the election were held today, it is likely that his actual vote total would end up somewhere between the 17% who say they would vote for him and the 3% who refuse to choose one of the major party candidates as an option.

If those uncommitted Barkley voters and other leaners are added to the totals, it’s Franken 50% and Coleman 46%. This suggests that the outcome could be determined by which Barkley supporters stay with the Independent candidate and which choose to vote for one of the major party candidates.

We hope you got your poll fill today. We can't take it anymore.

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