Poll: McCain gains two points, Barack still has solid lead


We won't miss reporting poll numbers...

In the latest Rasmussen poll, John McCain gained two points, but Barack Obama still holds a solid 12-point lead.

Obama 55% McCain 43% Other 1% Undecided 1%

Last week's poll showed Obama with a 15-pount lead with Obama ahead 56% to 41%. Obama has always been ahead, but McCain brought it to a 4-point spread in August.

The poll numbers correlate with the two candidate's view of the race. Both have scaled back their ads, according to Minnesota Public Radio.


Barack Obama's campaign has cut $100 thousand in ads that were scheduled to run on WCCO and KARE in the final week of the campaign. It's a sign that Obama is confident that he can win Minnesota. Obama still has ads running but there won't be as many as originally scheduled.

The move comes just days after Obama's GOP rival, John McCain, cut back on his ad spending at Twin Cities TV stations. Governor Pawlenty, who co-chairs the McCain campaign, said earlier this week that it would be difficult for McCain to win the state.