Poll: Klobuchar "close to unbeatable," Franken solid

Apparently the PIPA debacle hasn't significantly hurt the political fortunes of Al Franken or Amy Klobuchar.

A new Public Policy Polling poll conducted over last weekend concludes that Klobuchar will be very tough to beat this year. Franken's favorable numbers, while weaker than Klobuchar's, indicate more Minnesotans approve of him than don't.

It looks like it may be difficult for Republicans to wrest control of either of Minnesota's senate seats from Democrats anytime soon, though Franken still has a couple more years before the 2014 election for PIPA-style missteps.

The poll found that Klobuchar has a 61 percent approval rating, with only 28 percent of voters disapproving of her. There are only five sitting senators with higher approval ratings.

As expected, she has the near unanimous support of Democrats, and she's also supported by nearly 60 percent of independents. More surprisingly, she actually has 32 percent approval from Republicans, indicating strong bi-partisan appeal.

Franken's approval rating clocks in at 49 percent, but only 39 percent of voters disapprove. Those numbers represent "above average numbers for a Senator in a political climate marked by a very unhappy electorate," the poll summary notes.

And, finally, in a total non-surprise, the poll found that Franken and Klobuchar crush Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty in every hypothetical matchup pitting one of the Democracts against one of the Republican.

Klobuchar vs. Pawlenty, this November? Franken vs. Bachmann in 2014? That'd be a lot of fun -- but not for Republicans.

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