Poll: Is Uptown dead?

Uptown, seen here in 2014, when it may or may not have been dead or alive.

Uptown, seen here in 2014, when it may or may not have been dead or alive. Jeff Wheeler

The City Pages Reader Insight Action Desk has determined that Twin Citians care most passionately about a singular issue: Whether or not Uptown is dead. Just look at the debate that's currently raging over the once-hip Minneapolis neighborhood's pulse. 

Some folks contend Uptown died when the Uptown Bar -- the beloved punk hangout that hosted Nirvana and the Replacements -- became an Apple Store. Others think it croaked when dining institution Figlio bit it. Twice. At least one weirdo points to the Gap closing.

While others maintain Uptown is still a thriving hub for food, drink, and entertainment, even with the creeping rise of bro-y cowboy bars and one cursed address. After all, the luxury apartment-packed area boasts Magers & Quinn, Uptown Theatre, the Lagoon... hmm... I guess that's it? Damn. 

Anyways, we've explored the highly original and deeply important question of Uptown's life and/or death in the past -- sarcastically, satirically, and ironically. But doesn't the matter deserve an earnest, conclusive answer?

Probably not, but let's take a stab at it anyway. So, wielding the powerful empirical science of, let's settle this once and for all: 

Is Uptown dead?
Yes, Uptown is dead.
No, Uptown is not dead.
I'm unsure whether Uptown is dead or alive, but I'd like to participate in this poll.