Politico quotes CP editor on Bachmann


When Rep. Michele Bachmann spits out her weekly (sometimes daily) gaffe or gets a major fact wrong, should we be covering it? MinnPost's David Brauer raised the question yesterday in a search of local publications and the amount of coverage Bachmann receives compared to other politicians in the state.

The debate made it to Politico this morning and City Pages editor Kevin Hoffman's quote on the issue was featured in the post. Whether you'd call it a plane crash, a train wreck, or just a political embarrassment, Bachmann has the game down.

Politico, a D.C.-based political newspaper and website, is also known for mentioning Bachmann quotes on their blogs. According to Glenn Thrush, the MinnPost report takes all the fun out of Bachmann reporting. Thrush called Brauer a "buzz-killer" and said "there are apparently some deranged types out there who are questioning whether Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is receiving too much media coverage despite her role as a fact-challenged backbencher in a dwindling House GOP minority."

Let the Bachmann brilliance continue!

Hoffman's featured quote on Politico:

City Pages editor Kevin Hoffman fessed up Brauer: "For us, it's like the old saying, "You write about the planes that crash, not the ones that land safely.' Michele just happens to be a plane that crashes a lot -- often more than once a week."