Police shot and killed a man this morning in Richfield [UPDATE]

Police shot and killed a man this morning in Richfield [UPDATE]
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Around 9 a.m. today, a police officer fired shots at a Richfield home in the 6600 block of Park Avenue South, hitting at least one person, according to Hennepin County Sheriff spokeswoman Lisa Kiava.

Details are still emerging, and for now it's unclear who was shot, though authorities have confirmed that no officers are injured. Earlier today, Fox 9's Jeff Goldberg tweeted that a police chaplain was at the home, but the Star Tribune


that no Medical Examiner is on the scene.

KARE 11 reports that officers were responding to "a report of an emotionally disturbed man and a potential hostage situation."

Officials are expected to release a statement shortly, so check back soon.

UPDATE 1:30 p.m.:
The man shot this morning was killed, the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office confirmed in a press conference this afternoon. He had been carrying a knife.

According to Major Kip Carver, the officer involved is unharmed. For now, the office isn't releasing any other information on the circumstances of the death, though Carver calls the investigation "very active."

The Star Tribune, however, has been talking to neighbors, who say that two people live in the home where the shooting occurred, a woman in her 60s and her nephew, a man in his 30s with a part-time job.

Rod Anderson, the son of the woman who lives across the street from the home, told the Strib that he doesn't know much about the nephew. "He's a quiet guy," he said. "He was kind of a loner, he didn't come out much."

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