Police respond to reported gunman at St. Paul College


A handful of St. Paul police, their guns drawn, entered a building at St. Paul College after someone reported a potential gunman was inside. No shots have been fired; no gun or gunman has been recovered. School officials put the school on lockdown after the report. The investigation is still underway.

"The officers are still on the scene," says Paul Schnell, a public information officer with the department."Two things are happening: one they're validating the report, and two, because of the situation, they are implementing a building sweep to ensure the safety of staff and students."

That's all anyone knows as of now. We'll keep you posted.

 UPDATE: Police failed to turn up any gun or gunman in the building. No arrests have been made, but police consider one student, found in his nearby home, to be a person of interest. Looks to have been a false alarm.