Police respond to break-in, find pot growing and residents gone


When police responded to a break-in call the other day in northeast Minneapolis, the home they visited was giving off such a nasty smell that they thought they'd stumbled onto a meth lab. 

Something else was curious, too: The people witnesses say were trying to break into the home on the 1100 block of NE. 5th Street, before being turned back by the people inside, were wearing haz-mat suits.

More from WCCO:

Witnesses told police they saw two men dressed in what appeared to be a Haz-Mat suits force their way into the home. Moments later, a young woman fell down outside the back door and screamed before being dragged back into the house.

A witness told WCCO two men went to help and saw that the victims, a young man and woman, were covered in blood and what seemed like pepper spray or mace. As a neighbor comforted the victims the two men chased the attackers, who began removing their protective suits and dropping cash. Police arrested the assailants with the help of the men.

Once inside the home, police say they found a pot-growing operation. They're looking for the injured couple.