Police officer indicted after NYC Critical Mass

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The City Room reports that Officer Patrick Pogan, a man who got caught slamming a Critical Mass rider off his bike, was indicted Monday morning. This should be the end to a story that went national after a tourist caught the shove on video and posted it on YouTube. Thank you, technology.

For the full story, and links to the backstory, check here. For the gist of what happened, see the video below:


Dang, the NYC cops sure know how to lay a hit. But Pogan's Jared-Allen-like skills didn't sit well with the biking community of New York, or the rest of the country's bike culture, or the New York grand jury who indicted his ass.

It is believed that prosecutors were seeking felony charges of filing false records in connection with the police report that Officer Pogan filed after arresting Mr. Long. 

Officer Pogan, who was stripped of his gun and badge in July after the video emerged, also could be charged with a misdemeanor count of assault.

Those false records Pogan filed include disorderly conduct, attempted assault and resisting arrest.

Well, at least that sort of thing has never happened in Minneapolis...

From the way-back machine:

The MPD maintains that rogue cyclists attacked officers. Spokesmen within the department have refused to provide details, and police involved in the tussle have snubbed inquiries as to exactly what happened... 

But according to bystanders present at our Critical Mass ride in September of 2007, this is what went down:

Police responded with aggression. Video footage captures police unleashing pepper spray into the faces of baffled bystanders. Witnesses say nonresistant cyclists were continually tasered and maced even after they were pinned to the pavement.

Guess CP was right in the sense it gave them good prep for the RNC. (Remember that?) But back to the original story: whodathunk a grand jury would find one of NYC's finest guilty of leveling a cyclist?