Police negotiator saves a suicidal bridge jumper

A man stood on the ledge of the Washington Street/4th Avenue bridge today swinging his foot over the edge until police convinced him to crawl back over.

Several cops and a police negotiator reasoned with the man for half an hour, while officers waited underneath the bridge by the train trestle below.

Paramedics and firefighters were also at the scene. The man was standing on the outside of the railing, gripping it with his hands. At one point, the man swung his body around so that he was facing away from the officers with his arms outstretched and holding the railing -- nothing standing between him and the plunge.

It appeared that the man may have intended to jump in front of a train, but no trains passed.

Sgt. Jesse Garcia of Minneapolis Police said the man will not likely be arrested, but rather taken to a crisis intervention.

Good job police! Way to save a life.