Police from 16 Agencies Team Up to Bust a Single 60-year-old Burglary Suspect

Robert Allen Pfeifer

Robert Allen Pfeifer

The holidays are when most hardworking folks make a final push for profit, and police say Robert Pfeifer of Minneapolis has been particularly industrious, hitting about 60 businesses spanning 13 cities and five counties in the Twin Cities area last month.

Late Thursday night, about 10 police officers surrounded Pfeifer in the parking lot of Fantastic Sam's, a hair salon in Plymouth. Police say they caught the sprightly sexagenarian red-handed in the middle of a burglary.

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It wasn't the first time Pfeifer has been arrested. When officers from 16 different agencies compared notes on surveillance photos, at least one detective recognized him on sight. Police staked out Pfeifer's house for a few hours before following him to Fantastic Sam's.

Eden Prairie Police Sgt. Dave Becker says Pfeifer pried his way in within two seconds, made his rounds in less than minute, and was back out the door. "I guess it is pretty impressive," Becker had to admit. "It is fast."

Becker says police know Pfeifer's MO fairly well now. He's known for allegedly targeting strip mall hair and nail salons, breaking in through a door and heading directly to the cash register. In one month, Pfeifer stole more than $10,000, Becker says.

Pfeifer hasn't been charged in the burglaries yet. He's currently being held in the Hennepin County Jail on a parole violation.