Police dog without tags breaks out, is captured and euthanized

After breaking out of a kennel, being taken in by a stranger, and getting picked up by a dog catcher, Felony, a 10-year-old black Labrador with the Howard Lake Police Department, was euthanized. The Humane Society said the dog had no tags or other identification, and was held for the required five-day waiting period. When nobody came to claim him, he was put down. But owing to some crossed communications, the police didn't know Felony was there, KARE-TV reported.

More from KARE:

"Our officer contacted the Animal Humane Society on Friday evening shortly after contacting the dog catcher, said Chief Tracy Vetruba. "Unfortunately, at that time the dog catcher still had the dog, who he did not believe was our dog, and it 'was' our dog."

With no tags, microchip, or follow-up phone calls, a spokesperson for the Animal Humane Society said workers had no idea Felony was a K-9 officer. The dog was placed on a 5 day mandatory hold, during which he demonstrated aggressive behavior. Tests labeled him as dangerous and unadoptable, and Felony was euthanized.

Howard Lake police say Felony had been with the force since 2002, after K-9 stints in Ortonville and Hector, and was responsible for more than $25,000 worth of seized drugs, cars  and cash.