Police: David Vanzo May Have Wheeled His Dead Mom into the Bank to Get Cash

Weekend at Bernie's come true?

Weekend at Bernie's come true?

Police are investigating whether or not David Vanzo's 90-year-old mother was alive when he wheeled her into a Plymouth Wells Fargo Jan. 5 and withdrew $850.

Later that same day Vanzo called 911 and reported that his mother, Caryl, had stopped breathing. When cops arrived they found Caryl dead, and she "appeared to be dirty and soiled and may have been in that state for a while," according to Jeff Swiatkiewicz, a captain with the Plymouth police department.

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Police arrested Vanzo on suspicion of neglect, but he has not yet been charged. Because the investigation is still ongoing police would not release any documents that may shed some light on what happened that day.

Fox 9 obtained a search warrant where Wells Fargo employees say Caryl's feet were dragging under her wheelchair, she did not move and they couldn't tell if she was breathing while the Vanzos were in the bank.

"Ultimately we're trying to determine if she was alive when she was in that bank by working with the bank, reviewing video surveillance, and working with the medical examiner to really try to narrow down that time of death," said Swiatkiewicz.

Swiatkiewicz says the department interviewed neighbors and the cab driver who took the Vanzos to the bank who say Carlyn appeared to be alive when she got into the cab.

So did she die in the cab or at the bank?

"We believe she was deteriorating rapidly throughout the day, so that might be a question that never gets answered," said Swiatkiewicz.

This isn't the first time David Vanzo has been investigated for potentially neglecting his mother.

"We've done some follow-up over the course of a number of years where there were concerns about his ability to take care of her, but [those concerns] never really panned out...they were never overly cooperative," said Swiatkiewicz.

When we called Vanzo's listed number it was disconnected, but he vehemently denied the charges when Fox confronted him at his home in Plymouth.

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