Police chief's brother charged: Would you like some meth with your junk mail?


Maybe all that junk mail clogging your home's mailbox wouldn't be so bad if it meant you got the chase the white dragon later that day. There's nothing more attractive than meth teeth after all.

The brother of the Minneapolis police chief used and sold meth while on the job as a postal worker, according to charges filed Tuesday. Paul Dolan, brother of MPD chief Tim Dolan, was arrested July 28 while on the job.

Paul Dolan, 53, is charged with selling marijuana and possession of methamphetamine, according to the Pioneer Press. He was arrested after hidden camera footage in his post office vehicle showed him using meth and selling drugs.

He has been with the U.S. Postal Service since 1984 and is currently on unpaid leave.

The postal service began investigating Dolan after they received a tip. Police found a small amount of meth and marijuana in the vehicle when he was arrested, but found a lot more evidence when they returned to his home.

His Minneapolis home allegedly contained a pot-growing operation in his basement, backyard and garage with about 130 plants, lights, timers, and paraphernalia.

Police say he admitted to smoking meth, but denied ever selling drugs on the job.

His brother and police chief Tim Dolan responded with a concern for his brother. He told the Pioneer Press he hasn't been close to his brother for several years "because of his lifestyle decisions."

"With me personally, my biggest concern is the use of meth because it's so caustic and problematic. It kills people. Not many people survive without major damage. As a family member, it's something that scares us."
WCCO paid a visit to Paul Dolan's home where they didn't receive the warmest welcome. Dolan threatened to destroy their camera with a camera when they came by to ask about the charges against him.

Dolan said he is only targeted because of his brother's position and people are just trying to hurt his career.

"Do you want to know why? They want to embarrass my brother," Paul Dolan told WCCO.

Watch their video report here.