Police Chief Tim Dolan blames Jenkins beating on bad training

"Group handcuffing."
"Group handcuffing."

Derryl Jenkins ended up beaten and bloodied after a traffic stop in North Minneapolis almost two years ago because of bad police training, police Chief Tim Dolan now says.

The episode cost the City of Minneapolis $235,000, after Jenkins settled a police brutality lawsuit earlier this year.

In an internal memo leaked to the Star Tribune, Dolan says:

"The reality is that those involved officers were doing what they were taught. None of them were disciplined, but we changed our policies and our training."

Or, as Deputy Chief Rob Allen put it:

"We found some flaws in our training for group handcuffing."

The "group handcuffing" included getting punched and kicked by six officers after Jenkins was pulled over for speeding on North Penn Avenue Feb. 19, 2009. The beating was so severe that Jenkins required seven stitches above one eye. And it was caught on a police cruiser dashboard camera.

The video begins with Officer Richard Walker pulling over Jenkins. After some apparent confusion, a struggle ensues and Walker pulls Jenkins' jacket over his head. Several other officers soon arrive and join in.


Dolan said later said that Jenkins' stomping was out of line:

I have reviewed the videos of the arrest of Mr. Jenkins by Officer Walker. Hand to hand fighting with a suspect on the street is one of the most dangerous encounters for police officers. Officer Walker's actions all appear to be very appropriate.

Some of the actions of responding officers, specifically the kicking of the suspect, give me concern; because of this, I am asking for an outside review by the FBI. Additionally, the incident has been referred to my Internal Affairs and Training Units for a review of our arrest procedures in dealing with suspects resisting arrest.

In the Strib story today, Dolan says department training has improved; gratuitous stompings are out.

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