Police bust another prostitution ring online

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Police bust another prostitution ring

Minneapolis police busted the largest locally owned prostitution website, according to documents filed Tuesday. It's the second major prostitution bust in the last month and was run by a 46-year-old Woodbury woman. There were 350 prostitutes and johns on the site.

Strib gives Brodkorb free publicity

GOP activist and blogger Michael Brodkorb is up to a straight-up publicity stunt as he is attempting to get all of the rejected absentee ballots so he can count them himself. The Strib fails to mention that the ballots are separated from their envelopes, so it's impossible to find the really obvious rejected ballots (no signature, etc). Leave it to Brodkorb to really tell us who should be senator. Anyone want to take bets that he'll find Coleman the winner?

North Dakota man allegedly kills bald eagle, sells to brother

A man in North Dakota apparently thought he could make some bank by killing a bald eagle. Sure enough his brother was dumb enough to buy it.

Favre, please go away

Why people still care about Brett Favre's endless negotiation with the Minnesota Vikings is beyond us. There was a report that the Vikings had backed off, but no one really knows because it's so ridiculous.

Mayo doc first on scene of Kentucky zoo train derailment