Police beatings, ball slashings, and cat killings

Derryl Jenkins and the damage done
courtesy of Paul Edlund

When 42-year-old Derryl Jenkins was pulled over in February as he drove through north Minneapolis, the altercation that followed left him at the hospital with a bloodied and bruised face. He had to receive seven stitches above his eye after he was punched and kicked by six officers on the scene.

Jenkins said he was a victim of police brutality, and he has a squad video that shows it. Which is why Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan this week asked the FBI to review the tape for any wrongdoing by officers that came on the scene.

Officer Richard Walker pulled Jenkins over around 3 a.m. for allegedly driving 15 miles per hour over the speed limit.

After Walker is seen wrestling Jenkins to the ground, he calls for backup and other officers arrive shortly after. In the video, the officers are seen repeatedly punching and kicking Jenkins as they try to arrest him.

"Some of the actions of responding officers, specifically the kicking of the suspect, give me concern," Dolan said in a release. "Because of this, I am asking for an outside review by the FBI."

Circus maximus

At the end of the St. Paul youth circus's final performance, half of the audience fell as the bleachers underneath them collapsed. About 450 people dropped, and seven were sent immediately to the hospital for their injuries. Many members of the crowd said they had plans to seek medical care on their own.

The Circus Juventas performance took place under its Highland Park big top. The accident occurred around 10 p.m. Sunday night as the audience stood to applaud the finale.

"I was on the other side during our final bow for the show," said Emily, a performer with Circus Juventas. "Dan, the founder, had just started a speech when we heard a loud noise, and the bleachers just fell. We, the performers, started getting chairs out of the bleachers to help people get out. Ten minutes later we were asked to clear the premises and did. Further investigations are to be made, but Circus Juventas is still a great school and safety is their top priority."

Luckily, it looks like none of the injuries are life-threatening.

"We were sitting on the side that collapsed. My baby was the one sent to Children's," Rob said. "Good news is she's okay; just some bumps. My other daughter needed stitches for a split lip. It happened just as the performers were waving good-bye and the crowd was giving a standing ovation. What a sad end to a great show. I agree--Circus Juventas serves a great purpose."

Ball Slasher

The Duluth man with a fetish for breaking into buildings and slashing large rubber exercise balls pleaded guilty last week to his latest crime.

Christopher Neil Bjerkness, 31, broke into the SMDC-Duluth Clinic West Building in May and slashed rubber balls. He admitted in St. Louis County District Court that he committed the third-degree burglary.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, "Bjerkness will spend a year at the Northeast Regional Corrections Center and participate in a sex-offender treatment program." He will also serve a five-year probation, on which we assume he can't slash more balls.

He will be sentenced next month. We're still wondering how this ball-slashing fetish means he has to go through sex-offender treatment. He seems to be a threat only to rubber orbs.

In an interview with the DNT, Bjerkness says his fetish only hurts rubber balls in his path.

"It's just a weird thing that I do. They say that I'm a threat to society, but I don't feel so."

Hide and Go Seek

A Fridley family is safe after they escaped their home as someone was trying to gain entrance. The break-in happened around 5 a.m. last Thursday and the family ran to a neighbor's home to call police.

A short time later, police found a 28-year-old man hiding under a parked car just down the street. Excellent hiding spot, man. Next time we recommend at least getting into a different neighborhood before you crawl under a car. Or it might just make sense to escape the city altogether.

Fridley police are expected to file first-degree burglary charges against the man.

Cat Killer

A St. Charles man was upset that a visiting cat was eating birds in his yard and ruining his garden. So he decided to take the cat out with a bow and arrow.

The cat belonged to a young girl, and now the cat killer, 24-year-old Ajalon Thomas Corcoran, will spend 21 days in jail. He will also be on probation for four years for his animal mistreatment.

His defense attorney claims he didn't know the cat was a pet, and the statute requires proof that he knew the cat was domesticated before he can be found guilty.

The family who lost their cat will receive $193 in restitution.

Palinizing Bachmann

In her latest email to supporters, Bachmann says she needs money to stop Democrats from Palinizing her. She made the remarks in reference to a revelation last week that her son joined Teach for America, which she had previously derided as a "re-education camp."

Rep. Michele Bachmann has this whole game down like no one else.

1. Say crazy things

2. Get the "liberal" media to report it and make fun of you for saying crazy things

3. Take that coverage to prove you are a martyr, beg supporters for money to help save you. Oh, and use a clever term (think "Palinize") to make your plea sound unique.

And she wins again.  

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