Police: Anthony Sather Kidnapped, Tortured, Shot Girlfriend's Dog on Camera

Anthony Sather is charged with two drug felonies and animal torture. The victim: husky pup Draco.

Anthony Sather is charged with two drug felonies and animal torture. The victim: husky pup Draco.

In October 2014, 21-year-old Andrea Godfrey's husky ran away from her Princeton, Minnesota home. She and her boyfriend, Anthony Sather, canvassed the neighborhood searching for 3-year-old Draco. A good Samaritan called a few days later -- Draco had been found, wearing his customary blue bandana. So Sather went to get him.

By the time Godfrey got home from work that same day, her boyfriend claimed that Draco had run away again. He said as soon as he opened the car door, the dog bolted.

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Watch Andrea Godfrey's heartbreaking tribute to Draco:

Godfrey received another call within the week, this time from someone who reported her dog was literally dead in a ditch. When she got there, she found Draco with a bullet wound. Sather said somebody probably mistook the husky for a coyote and shot it -- not unheard of.

Apparently that excuse didn't sit right with Godfrey, because in December she searched through her boyfriend's computer and discovered three seriously disturbed videos.

According to the criminal complaint, the footage shows Sather turning on the camera in his garage and dragging Draco from a kennel. He punches the husky repeatedly, raising him above his head and slamming him into the concrete floor -- all while the dog yelps and tries to run away. Finally, Sather records himself pointing a gun at Draco's prone body, investigators say.

Serial killer shit. At one point during the beatings, Sather turns to the camera with a deranged smile. "This ain't done yet," he says, according to the complaint.

Godfrey turned the evidence over to Sherburne Police, who raided Sather's house for the handgun from the videos, 300 Valium pills, and two gallon-sized bags of weed. They also found six more weapons in a gun safe in the basement as well as Draco's collar in the living room. Sather doesn't have a handgun permit.

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