#Pointergate Gets The Daily Show Treatment

Jon Stewart's reaction to Pointergate

Jon Stewart's reaction to Pointergate

Outrage over the stupidest, most racist local news story in recent history has officially gone national.

Last night Jon Stewart devoted a five-minute segment of The Daily Show to picking apart KSTP's infamous #Pointergate story that aired last Thursday.

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Stewart on Hodges's alleged gang sign: "I think it's obvious: It's to warn clown-ass bitches not to snitch."

He later added: "This isn't so much about the mayor flashing this sign at a supposed gang member (points) as it is about the police union flashing this sign at the mayor."

He ended the segment by updating the "List of Innocent Things Black People do that Look Suspicious":


  • Wear a hoodie
  • Carry Skittles
  • Carry keys
  • Reach for a wallet
  • Drive in a car in a nice neighborhood
  • Drive in a car
  • Be a passenger in a car
  • Knock on a white person's door
  • Point