Pogie's big adventure


State senator takes a pounding over the airwaves

class=img_thumbleft>You would think that the state senate's tax guru would be ready to face the hostile media over stadiums and other issues. Think again.

Larry Pogemiller (pictured left), the state Senator and DFLer from Minneapolis, has become public enemy number one this session, for any number of reasons. In the main, it seems to be the perception that he's created a mess out of the stadium issue.

Or it could just be that, wonky as he is, Pogie comes off as too disinterested and too condescending--quite a feat, given the current crop of lawmakers.

At any rate, Pogie's woeful week began on Tuesday and continued into Wednesday, with a rare two-part, investigative KARE 11 News Extra that looked at a state pension-fund shortfall. Reporter Rick Kupchella, never one to hold the Tim Pawlenty's feet to the fire, went to Pogemiller to find out why the system--which is unduly burdening taxpayers, of course--wasn't being reformed.

Pogie's finger-pointing defense: "Why doesn't the governor recommend it? Legislators are trying."

If that answer left a little to be desired, Pogemiller missed another opportunity to be the voice of authority on Wednesday morning. Then, Pogemiller appeared on KFAN (1130-AM) to denounce the idea of granting naming rights for a new Gopher football stadium to TCF.

Pogie, alas, flailed right out of the gate on the P.A. and Dubay show. When Dubay pointed out that several college teams played in corporately named stadiums and arenas, Pogie couldn't pass the jock sniff-test: He failed to comprehend that there was an NCAA basketball team called the Louisville Cardinals.