Poacher "Wall of Shame" poached from DNR

The "Wall of Shame" has been stolen.

The "Wall of Shame" has been stolen.

A private group called Turn In Poachers has spent years assembling a "Wall of Shame" that it displays around the state as a way of heaping scorn on wildlife poachers.

Now somebody's poached the Wall of Shame.

That's low.


Nineteen animal mounts from TIP's trailer display, along with snowmobile ramps, chain saws and other power tools, were taken from a storage area DNR's Central Regional offices on Warner Road in St. Paul.

Included in the heist were the antlers from "Fred," the record eight-point buck we told you about that DNR says Troy Reinke poached near White Rock in 2009.

Along with the thefts, DNR says vandals smashed windows in vehicles, pried open locked doors and generally made of mess of things this past weekend.