Playboy's "Sleaziest Man in Hollywood" grew up in Minnesota

You know his work even if you don't recognize

David Hans Schmidt

by name. He's the behind-the-scenes scumbag that gave the world sex tapes from Screech, Colin Farrell, Tonya Harding, and other quasi celebrities. What you might not know is that he grew up in Minnesota.

From the feature on him in the new issue of Playboy:

2. From Greater Minnesota to the Sun Belt

David Hans Schmidt was born in Minnesota in 1960 and died in Phoenix in 2007. It's safe to say he was inclined to seek out trouble from early on. "My whole lifetime with David has been damage control," his father, Fred Schmidt, said in 2006. "From the start we could not keep him in the playpen with his brother. Once David got teeth he'd bite Doug and draw blood. He's been like that ever since."

Here is the opening from Schmidt's own narration of his early years, from his website, "David Hans Schmidt, a so-called hyperactive lad/Ritalin experiment, was born first of twin boys in Rochester, Minnesota, an 'arid and sanitized little community,' as Garrison Keillor once said, on May 27, 1960." His father started developing real estate in the 1970s, becoming one of the most successful developers in the region; clashes between him and David, the son would later claim, included beating with wire coat hangers (which Fred denied and which David also said was part of his motivation to succeed). The elder Schmidt's other two sons, Douglas and Bill, both stayed in Minnesota: Doug, David's fraternal twin, became a contractor in Rochester, and the youngest, Bill, a grail and hog farmer. David Hans Schmidt. however, seems to have spent mostr of his time trying to get out of Minnesota. ...

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