Plastic in Japanese Chicken McNuggets Puts Cargill Factory in Crisis Mode

Cargill pulled nearly 1 million McNuggets

Cargill pulled nearly 1 million McNuggets

Cargill is scrambling to figure out how plastic got into at least two different Chicken McNuggets made at one of its factories in Thailand.

The behemoth Minneapolis-based food producer pulled nearly a million nuggets from its supply line after the first incident was reported in a Japanese McDonald's on Saturday, but then another plastic piece was found in a Japanese McNugget on Monday, according to CNN.

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Cargill claims the plastic could've come from somewhere outside of the factory, and is in the middle of analyzing every piece of plastic in the factory to prove it.

"We have collected all the plastics found in our facility and we are comparing those plastics with what was found in the nuggets. To date, we have not found a match. We are continuing our investigation," the company wrote in a statement emailed to City Pages.

According to Bloomberg, McDonald's Japan started using Cargill's Thai factories to supply Chicken McNuggets last year after a tainted meat scandal rocked China.

In any case, Cargill's plastic McNugget problems pale in comparison to another apology McDonald's Japan had to make yesterday, when it admitted it somehow served up a packet of french fries to a customer that included a human tooth.

So, probably want to steer clear of Asian McDonald's stores until everything gets straightened out.