Plagiarism king Jordan Kavoosi taunts critic on YouTube video

It appears that very little has changed with Jordan Kavoosi since this past summer.

Kavoosi, founder of, has added another YouTube video to his collection, this one mocking former employee Deborah Morse-Kahn. The video is posted to, a website dedicated to an unflattering opinion of Morse-Kahn. Here's an excerpt from the site under a "Testimonials" headline:

"Deb is a dumb shit and totally fucked up my life, her and her regional associates business" - Jason Minnesota

The video begins with Kavoosi sitting on a bed blow drying his scalp over the title, "Deborah Morse Kahn: Stalker/ Horrible Writer/ Gay."

"I'm the mutha fucka that stalked mutha fucking Jordan Kavoosi and his essay writing company," says Kavoosi in a hoarse, high-pitched voice. "Man, I'm a mutha fucka. You know what, I love stalking people. I have no mother fucking life. Shit yeah!"

Morse-Kahn's address is later displayed on the video over the direction, "throw eggs at above location."

Morse-Kahn says she no longer lives at the address featured in the video, however, so some strangers might be in for an unpleasant surprise if anyone chooses to take the order seriously.

"Oh yeah, I'm also an alcoholic, too," continues Kavoosi. "I drink like every other day. By myself. Or with my bitch-ass boyfriend. Where the fuck are you bitch?!"

The clip concludes with a pointed message: "F*ck you Deb."

Here's the video in all its glory:

Needless to say, Kavoosi and Morse-Kahn's business relationship did not end amicably.

Kavoosi's business is just what it sounds like. For the right price, he will commission one of his employees to write your essay. His writers will take your online class. They'll take your test.

Kavoosi hired Morse-Kahn in fall of 2009 as a writer. There's some debate between the two on how long she worked for Essay Writing Company, but Morse-Kahn claims Kavoosi never paid her for the work -- a popular claim with many of Kavoosi's former writers.

In hopes of deterring others from making her same mistake, Morse-Kahn began posting ads on Craigslist and other complaint boards accusing Kavoosi's business of being a scam.

Kavoosi attempted to file a restraining order against Morse-Kahn earlier this year, but a judge promptly threw it out.

Kavoosi put Essay Writing Company up for sale this fall.

Based on this video, there's still some negative feelings lingering.

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